Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sure-Fire Ways to Hurt Your Business

1. Lie to Your Customers.
Companies that over-promise the benefits of their product or service can almost guarantee losing part of their market share! Customers will lose their trust in you and visit your competition. 

2. Ignore Customer Calls.
Pick up the phone by at least the third ring.  Be personable.  Show that you care.

3. Have Sporadic Hours.
Make sure your hours of operation are convenient for YOUR customer.  Consider using a website to attract more business.

4. Don’t Listen to Your Customers.
Don't daydream or think about anything else.  Your customer pays your bills.  Focus on them!  Discover their wants, needs, and desires. Listen, really listen.

5. Ignore Your Customer.
Online or off, be attentive to your customers and their needs.  Be aware if they are in your store or online.  Address their concerns.

6. Look at Your Customer as A Thief.
Keep you and your business safe and secure, but don't think every customer is in your business to rip you off.  Fire rude or uncaring employees immediately.  Remember the Golden Rule. Treat your customer as you'd wish to be treated...with respect. 

7. Don't Keep in Touch with Customers.
Make sure you have information--whenever possible--on your customers. Get their information so you can send them informative newsletters with upcoming sales. Send them e-mails on upcoming events.

8. Argue or Be Rude to Your Customer.
Customers buy from people and websites they like.  Be personable.  Show You care!

9. Be complacent:  Do the same things you've done in the past.
Invest in marketing strategies and ideas to increase your customer base.  Research. Be active in your community.  Be indespensible.

10. Don't Promote.
Boost your company profile by any positive means necessary.  Become the company people recognize as the authority in your field.

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