Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Effective, Inexpensive Marketing Tool Generates More Business

It may sound like a David versus Goliath story. However, small companies can deliver positive impact to their bottom line by using an effective tool enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies for less than a penny per impression.

Promotional products, also known as advertising specialties, are more effective and affordable than most media. To the newcomer, promotional products are useful items imprinted with the company name and/or logo on them. Types of promotional products include, but are not limited to, caps, pens, casual or tee shirts, 
automotive accessories, and mugs.

Unlike a business card, which may end up in the trash, promotional products are perceived as useful and something of value. Look around your home. Odds are if  you are like most people, you have several promotional products on display: a couple of imprinted pens at your desk, that special coffee mug inside your cupboard, 
or that colorful magnet on the refrigerator door.

Recently, the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) conducted a landmark study showing that promotional products are less expensive per impression than most other media. In addition, the study found promotional products are very effective and affordable when compared to other forms of media.

ASI conducted a total of 3,332 in-person and online surveys, including interviews with business professionals in major metropolitian areas such as Los Angeles, New York, London, Montreal, and Sydney.A follow-up to its 2008 survey, ASI included new demographic information on politics, ethnicity, gender and age. 
Because knowing the recipient of advertising specialties is extremely important for advertisers. In addiititon, the survey included global markets and more promotional products, such as food and automotive accessories.

The survey found:

The cost per impression of a promotional product remained nearly the same in the US between 2008 and 2010, at .005 cents. Imagine the number of impressions received from an imprinted pen, which often exchanges hands at numerous times!

Tote bags have the highest number of impressions per month, over 1,000. The fact is that 36% of people with annual incomes less than $50,000 own bags. This gives the advertisers more bang for their buck.

Gender differences were prevalent in the survey: Men were more likely than women to own polo-type shirts and caps. Women, on the other hand, were more likely to have bags, writing instruments, calendars and health and safety products.

The survey also found advertiser identification very strong. In fact, 83% Americans remembering the advertiser on a promotional item they own. After all, the goal of any business offering promotional products is to be remembered. No other media delivers such a powerful impact.

Promotional products deliver positive opinions of businesses. According to the survey, 41% Americans say their opinion of the advertiser is more positive upon receiving a promotional product.

The positive impact of promotional products expands the globe. Over 63% of the survey-takers in London have received and kept a pen in the last 12 months. In the U.S. , writing instruments are used the most often, an average of 18.2 times per month.

Promotional products have incredible pass-along rates! Nearly 63% of US survey-takers give the promotional item to someone else if they don’t use it themselves. It is nearly impossible to do that with any other form of advertising!

The popularity of promotional products (advertising specialties) has never been greater! The most widely used promotional products in the U.S. are writing instruments (46%), shirts (38%) and calendars (24%).

For effectiveness, affordability, popularity, and selection, promotional products can’t be beat! Shouldn’t they become a vital part of your company’s marketing team?

Succeed in Your Business!

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